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How To Hack In? Review

How To Hack In? is an application created by Red Buffalo Interactive. How To Hack In? was first published on . How To Hack In? is currently available for Steam, Other.

Enter a virtual world of hacking with this real-life hacking simulator. Every choice you make will tailor a unique outcome. The possibilities are endless - if you know how to do it. With its own storyline, you can take your time and complete the required tasks and quests at your own leisure. You can even play the game in sandbox mode if you’d like!

How To Hack In? allows you to be whatever you want to be. Whether you are a silent hacker deleting logs, leaving systems undamaged and remaining invisible, or a destroyer of all systems hacked, the choice is yours! Just remember – you will face the consequences sooner or later.

A Real-life Hacking Experience

You will start the game with easy hacking targets and progress to hacking banks and national services, interfering with big events – all of which will pop-up throughout the game. You may be required to perform in-depth analysis into some systems to fully understand how they work and how to penetrate them.

Hacking tools will be provided throughout the game, including SSHCrack, Keyloggers, SQL injection, XSS, Social Engineering Toolkit, Nmap, a powerful Linux-like terminal, and many more. But - it doesn’t stop there. Some hacks will require research and reconnaissance about the target at hand. Try using social engineering techniques to hack the people and not the systems – the world of virtual hacking is at your fingertips!

A variety of attack vectors are at your disposal. Approach each hack differently with multiple hacking options. Hijack and replace website information and create your own servers and website. Create your own scripts and tools to help with automation and task completion with the In-Game Code Editor. You can even help other players by sharing your successful scripts!

Unique Non-player Characters

With How To Hack In?, you have a role-playing game mixed with a hacking simulator. All NPCs have their own statistics which define their behaviour and can change throughout the game according to your, or other, NPC actions. You will only be able to interact with them on communicator on certain dates and times as they each have their own schedule.

At certain times, they might be more active in the world, on specific servers and services, than other times. Their behaviour emulates real-user activity; meaning they can log in on social media, write posts, work on servers, and even keep to their own daily routine!

Once you’ve gained a valuable reputation, you can join multiple, diverse hacker groups that will help you in some or other way. Lead branch-tree dialogues and make decisions as you venture through quests and tasks. This game was designed to have multiple solutions and outcomes. Who knows? Maybe the best option is the least obvious one, maybe not…?

A Different Scenario and Outcome With Each New Game

Every time you start a new game, How To Hack In will create new data for servers, NPCs, and event scenarios. NPCs, IP addresses, passwords, and more will all look and be different each time a new game is started. Experience something different and enter a new virtual hacking game each time you replay.

Versatility At Its Best

Virtual hacking has never been this versatile. What’s more, you don’t need real-life experience to play. Anyone with any amount of hacking knowledge can enjoy How To Hack In. Change the themes, manipulate the scenarios, hack the systems, be a real life – virtual – hacker!

Add How To Hack In to your Wishlist now and bask in virtual hacking bliss. The fun begins now - if you dare to take the first step. See you on the other side.

How To Hack In?

4.2 / 5

How To Hack In? Logo
Author: Red Buffalo Interactive
Size: 12 GB available space

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